Luca Vincenzo

(78,5 x 66 cm / LE)
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(78,5 x 66 cm / LE)

€550.00 EUR

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● Limited Edition  ➤  'Stubbed Toe' (2018)


Chromogenic print on Kodak Pro Endura photo paper. 

Image size is 62,5 x 50 cm. With white boarders, print size is 78,5 x 66 cm.

Printed in Germany and delivered worldwide.


If you would like your picture to arrive ready to hang, an option to mount and frame the image is available - this comes highly recommended to ensure that this framed artwork is able to last a life time. 

Your print will be mounted onto an alu-dibond substrate and elegantly set within a slim, glassless, wooden frame.  


Please note, I am an independent artist, and while it is important that I price the limited editions accordingly, I am open to making alternative arrangements to accommodate you.

If there is a piece that you would really like to purchase but you're unable to make the payment in a lump sum, don't hesitate to contact me so we can negotiate a payment plan, or a price that works for you.

There is a very real human being on the other end of this website / shop / email, and I would love to connect with you.


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